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End parking Mandates on corridors

end parking mandates citywide

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Who we are

The Austin Parking Reform Coalition is working to eliminate costly parking mandates to allow more people to live in Austin. The Austin Parking Reform Coalition is made up of nonprofits, community groups, and other leaders of the Austin region working together to make Austin a more affordable and sustainable city. Current policies discourage public transportation use and increase the city’s carbon footprint. We envision a future where our city’s policies prioritize sustainability, public safety, housing production, and accessible public transportation.

The impacts of Parking Mandates


Parking mandates drive up the cost of building new homes and reduce the number of homes that can be built.

Climate Change

Parking mandates cause more driving and increase emissions from transportation.


Parking mandates impose car dependency and force those without cars to subsidize car users.

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By joining the coalition, you can contribute to a major shift in Austin land use policy. With this change, the Austin Parking Reform Coalition can start shifting the conversation around city development patterns, leading to more responsible and sustainable uses for our scarce urban land.

When your organization joins the coalition, you will be included in all communications and strategy on this effort. Your organization will be publicly listed as a supporter of the effort and your logo will be included on all campaign materials


In addition to becoming an organizational partner, you can also financially support the campaign through a donation. These funds help Farm&City staff the movement and create materials to spread our message.


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